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Unauthorized Disclosure of Confidential Information (UDCI)

This policy reimburses the litigation expenses and/or damages which allege an Unauthorized or Unintentional Disclosure of a third party's Confidential Information by the Named Insured; or, which alleges an Unauthorized Disclosure by an employee or person under the direct control of Named Insured or a former employee of the Named Insured on whose behalf of the Named Insured is responding pursuant to a written or legally imposed obligation to do so.

There is a ninety (90) Day Exclusionary Period under the UDCI policy.  Any threats of infringement brought during the initial 90 days of the policy are excluded from coverage.  The 90 days are not lost; they are added to the end of the last Defense policy held by the Insured.

Pre-existing threats alleging Unauthorized Disclosure, or, where the Named Insured has knowledge prior to the effective date of the policy of any activities which are or could be the basis for alleging Unauthorized Disclosure.